As a fellow veteran of the United States Air Force, I understand what every veteran goes through upon exiting the military. The VA guaranteed home loan is an opportunity to purchase a home with a zero-down payment. Our sequential referral based approach makes the home buying process as easy as 1-2-3 ensuring you’re not wasting your time or money!

Step #1 Our free nationwide financial literacy work shop gets you informed and knowledgeable about budgeting your new home.

Step #2 Our credit match system gives you options on the right credit representative which having options allows you to plan per your time frame and finances.

Step #3 We match you with the perfect buyer’s agent who’s there with you all the way until your keys are in your hands. Your Realtor is free of charge and it’s pertinent once you have the 640 credit scores you need to allow your Realtor to get you the right loan officer for the right bank! Did you know that veterans which are deemed homeless can apply for a section 8 housing voucher under the veterans VASH program? Did you know you can use that same voucher to purchase a home? Contact your local housing authority and apply today or simply click our #Get Credit button below to get started!