The goal of the Housing Choice Voucher Home ownership Program is to expand home ownership opportunities for families whom hold a section 8 voucher.  Did you know veterans, single mothers, senior citizens, disabled and in some cases individuals who have been incarcerated can apply for a housing voucher?  Families must meet the HUD and DHA program requirements for program participation.  The program objective is to assist first time home buyers with monthly mortgage subsidy.  This program allows the families to become invested in a wealth building opportunity.  

    Do you know what this means?  YES use your voucher to pay your mortgage! Build equity with your voucher payments!  Gibson Williams Group sequential referral based approach has your back making the process simple with three steps and were free of charge!  

1) Nationwide Financial literacy work shop (free).  

2)  We match you with the right credit representative.  

3)  We match you with the perfect buyer’s agent.  Your agent is free of charge and will be with you until your keys are in your hand.  You asked how do I qualify?


  • Credit Report – scores must be 640 or above at all 3 credit bureaus and within the last 30 days (We match you with the right credit representative)
  • Pay Check Stubs for 1 month (within last 30 days)
  • Bank statements for 1 month with proof of $2,000.00 (within last 30 days) Ask about our Financial assistance!
  • Copy of lease agreement
  • Copy of Driver’s License
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of the past 2 year’s W-2’s
  • Copy of past 2 year’s tax returns
  • Financial Literacy Certificate (offered free of charge nation-wide)
  • First Time Homeowners orientation certificate (Housing Authority)
  • Employed a minimum of 1 year
  1. If employed, income must be a minimum of $14,500.00
  2. If elderly/disabled, income must be a minimum of $8,088.00