Even after a buyer has found the perfect starter home, it may eventually no longer meet the buyer’s needs and wants. Homeowners may consider moving to a move-up, or step-up, home. Reasons to sell and buy a move-up home include:

• An additional income-earner has joined the household
• A growing family and the need for more space
• The kids have moved away and it’s time for a smaller, more refined house
• A promotion that comes with a better salary and benefits package
• The current home’s value has significantly increased

Current and Future Needs Many first-time home buyers are not in a financial position to making buying decisions based on future needs. A young couple, for example, may want to eventually start a family, but the home they can afford now would be too small for the kids. When homeowners are in the financial position to move-up, they may be able to take both current and futures needs into consideration.

It is important to remember that just because a buyer can afford (on paper) to purchase within a certain price range, that less expensive homes can still be on the radar. Just because a person can spend more money doesn’t mean he or she has to.

As an outsourcing administrative support team, we realize buying a home easily becomes a daunting task to those who do not have a representative to help educate and guide them through the process. Our team of nationwide buyer’s agents has extensive experience representing home buyers from the varying angles that affect the home buying experience: (1) Income, (2) Credit, and (3) Buyer-Agent Matching. Our sequential referral-based approach will make the home buying experience as easy as 1-2-3. With a collaborative effort, families can be FHA approved within 180 days.