Home OwnerShip Program

What is Home Buying 1-2-3? Glad you asked! As an outsourcing administrative support team, we realize buying a home easily becomes a daunting task to those who do not have a representative to help educate and guide them through the process. Our team of nationwide buyer’s agents has extensive experience representing home buyers from the varying angles that affect the home buying experience: (1) Income, (2) Credit, and (3) Buyer-Agent Matching. Our sequential referral-based approach will make the home buying experience as easy as 1-2-3. With a collaborative effort, families can be FHA approved within 180 days.

First, a home buyer must establish a consistent source of income and positive credit. Secondly, our team of credit law attorneys will have you FHA approved within 180 days money back guarantee with permanent results. The final step in the 1-2-3 process is connecting with the best agent. This step is more challenging than expected because every home buyer has a unique set of needs, and finding the right agent can be like finding a needle in a haystack. GWG2 has created a massive database of real estate agents and brokers spreading across the United States with their specific skill set to facilitate the process in an unprecedented manner allowing you to interview as many agents as you require. Your realtor will then be able to match you with the right mortgage broker providing first time home buyers with zero down zero closings saving you thousands! Yes this means buying is cheaper than renting and you can start gaining equity no longer throwing your hard earned money away.