The key to buying your 1st home is knowing the steps!  Our sequential referral base approach gets you pre-qualified to buying your first home.  What are the steps you ask? 

1. Free Financial Literacy Course

2. Credit Match

3. Realtor Match! 

     Our affiliation with free nationwide financial literacy workshops gets you knowledgeable to maintain and budget your new home plus retire financially free!  Our credit match system gets you pre-qualified to purchase a home giving you options on choosing the right credit representative per your time and needs!  It’s very important you allow your Realtor to get you a loan officer they have a working relationship with!  Finally, your loan officer shops you the best bank.  If you have been working and filing your taxes for the last two years guess what you’re ready to purchase a home!   We match you with the right credit representative meaning we provide you options per your time & money. Each one of our credit reps will get you the 640 credit scores required to purchase a home!  Guess what your now pre-qualified!  Interview as many buyer’s agents as you like with our #GetLand button matching you with the perfect buyer’s agent!  Having great credit scores pre-qualifies you for zero down zero closing loan programs for 1st time home buyers meaning it’s cheaper than renting.  Our team of nationwide buyer agents has extensive experience representing home buyers from the varying angles that affect the home buying experience.  Our sequential referral-based approach will make the home buying experience as easy as three simple steps.  Submit your request below!