It’s ironic that we live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, but we always have money problems.  We can work hard all our lives but retire poor.  We do so much to raise our kids just to see them finish college with a lot of debt.  Debt becomes a way of life. 

     We don’t have much, and we don’t know much.  No one teaches us how to manage our money in school.  Financial issues are not often discussed and the financial products are not always explained.  Most people have trouble balancing their own checkbook and reading a financial statement.  We use credit cards every day and don’t always understand all the hidden charges.  We buy insurance policies and stick them in a file cabinet.  We contribute to our 401k and hope someone will take care of it.  We all want to have a comfortable retirement, but few have a plan.

     Our sequential referral based approach has partnered with WFG and their free nationwide financial literacy workshops to get you on your way to financial freedom.  There is no one more interested in your future than you and your financial freedom begins with home ownership!  Our nationwide free financial workshops get you on the right path to increasing your cash flow, debt management, building a strong financial foundation, protection, wealth building, asset accumulation, retirement planning, wealth preservation, and building a business in the financial industry.  Mortgage lenders require those wanting to utilize any zero-down payment assistance program to have this certificate! 

 1) Step 1- Our Free Nationwide Financial Literacy Work Shop gets you knowledgeable about budgeting your future with an overall plan of action for retirement! 

2) Step 2- Our sequential referral based approach gives you options on your credit representation which having options saves you time and money.  All our credit representatives will get you the 640-credit score you need to quality for zero down zero closing home loan programs. 

3)  Step 3- Our Realtor match system gets you the right buyer’s agent which will be with you all the way to your keys are in hand.  Simply submit form below to be contacted about your future! 

1) Are you still suffering from financial losses as a result of the recent economic downturn? YesNo
2) Are you concerned about any of the following? YesNo

*Too many bills or debts? YesNo

*Lack of savings or investments for retirementt? YesNo

*Lack of preparation for your kids college education? YesNo

*Not having enough protection in the case of disability, long term illness or even death? YesNo

3) Do you support children, aging parents or other departments? YesNo
4) Are you concerned about the future of your job or career? YesNo
5) Do you feel that financial concepts that involves investments, insurance, debt, inflation, and tax are confusing? YesNo
6) Do you want to learn how to get your children into a good college with proper funding? YesNo
7) Do you want to learn more about how money works and how to build a stronger financial foundation? YesNo
8) Are you interested in making more money on a part-time basis? YesNo
9) Do you want to explore a new business caree in the fast growing financial industry? YesNo

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